This is a case, a plan, an experiment.

Mariha Monzen and Lumina Rikujo are locked up in hidden rooms.

Placed in each room is
a smartphone which is only activated for 21 minutes, at a fixed time, once every two days
a box with a 9-digit lock.

The phone cannot be used freely.
The box cannot be opened without solving a riddle.

Please help us save them both.
With your help, we can resolve this in the best possible way.

How To

Compare information from the missing person and the Bats489 video.
The Answer is the Nirvana Spell.
If the Nirvana Spell is correct, a 9-digit number will be displayed.
When that number is communicated directly to the missing person, the plan will proceed.

Enter Nirvana Spell▶︎